第27回上海国際TVフェスティバル マグノリア賞
ベストドキュメンタリーシリーズ ノミネート

Japan – The Sense of Season

<4K・HD・49min. x 2 episodes>


The 27th Shanghai International TV Fesitival Magnolia Award Best Documentary Series Nomination
Japan is famous for its distinctive seasons. Everybody knows spring’s cherry blossoms in Tokyo, summer’s tropical beaches in Okinawa, autumn tints in Kyoto, and winter’s powder snow in Hokkaido. However, there is much more to know about the seasons in Japan. Dramatic seasonal changes have been creating beautiful natural phenomena you have never before seen. Under the harsh conditions of each season, amazing endemic wildlife are living wisely. Season by season, people in Japan have their own way of paying respect to nature. Through the long history of Japan, Japanese have developed a unique culture and tradition to survive severe conditions and celebrate each of the seasons. This documentary focuses on the seasons of Japan, through the traditional lifestyle of the people and the constant changes of nature and wildlife.